Easy DIY Large Farmhouse Clock


Easy DIY Large Farmhouse Clock


I was driving down the road the other day and saw this old table with a FREE sign on it. I immediately noticed those BEAUTIFUL legs!!


They were perfect for making the skinny console table I’ve been dying to make!!





On the way home another idea struck me! I could use the table top and make the HUGE FARMHOUSE clock that I’ve always wanted!!!




Not only awesome, but pretty darn easy too!!!


And stay tuned, as our skinny console table with AMAZINGLY beautiful table legs  😉 will be coming up shortly!! [Update: It’s finished! Check it out at the bottom of this post!]


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But first the farmhouse clock!!


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First Step: Take Apart and Sand


Start by disassembling the top of your table from the bottom.

Keep all the brackets and especially the hinges! Sand the table top with a high grit sand paper.

(Just as a side note our table top measured 47″ in diameter.)

We definitely recommend an electric sander for this. Otherwise, you may be here for days…seriously!!!

We love and always use our Ryobi sander.


This is why I love sanding. The wood is beautiful again!

My basement is a mess, but…………. it’s worth it right?

But maybe do this project outside.


Second Step: Make Grooves into Tabletop


In order to achieve the slated wood farmhouse look, we took half of the table top and sent it through our table saw with the saw at a very low height.


Just enough to cut the wood, but not enough to cut through the wood. We did this a couple times on each side, measuring where we wanted each slat first.


(Our table already had a slit down the middle because it came apart so a leaf could be added. The slits we were adding were going to be larger than this middle slit, so we shaved off a little of the original slit so it would be the same size as the other slits.)




All slats are done!



Third Step: Painting


In order to achieve the weathered look we started by putting a splotchy coat of gray stain on.

This is the gray stain we used. We worked in sections and added a bit of stain and then wiped it off.




The stain dried within a matter of minutes so then we took white paint and watered it down to a 1:1 ratio.

We put it on in small sections and then rubbed it off with a cloth.


Here’s a closer look.



We still weren’t quite satisfied with it so we hand sanded it to achieve our desired look.



Step 4: Stabilizing the Back


Before you put the clock pieces on you need to connect the table together again.

We did this by cutting a small board into 2 small parts and screwed them on each side of the seam of the table.

A $1 furring strip board from your local hardware store would work great for this.

(You can also add the brackets back on if your table came with them)

Now you’ll want to attach two more longer boards to the back.

Attach one on the top and one on the bottom.

The board on top will help with hanging the clock.

The board on the bottom is so the clock will lay evenly against the wall.

Once your boards are on you’ll want to drill 2 holes all the way through the top board long board.



These holes will be for screws that will attach to a board on your wall and will help tremendously when you go to hang it!


Step Five: Assembling the Clock


We found a large clock set at Hobby Lobby for $39.99, but then we used their 40% off coupon so it was only like $25! Not too bad for a huge Farmhouse Clock!

It comes with the spade hands and vinyl numbers in both numerical and roman.

Wall Clock Kit

This item is not listed on Hobby Lobby’s website. But to help those that still want to order online you can place an order by calling 1-800-888-0321 option 1 and reference item #240473.

40% off One Item at Regular Price at HobbyLobby.com. Ends: 12/31/17. Some exclusions apply.

Hobby Lobby is the only place I’ve been able find clock hands that are 23″ long otherwise I’d recommend getting them an easier way!

Ok moving on!

Once you have your clock kit start by finding the center of the clock and screwing this middle piece on.

Now take the template that came with the clock to help place the numbers.

We also measured from the side of each number to the edge to ensure our numbers were spaced evenly.

*[NOTE] Make sure your #12 is oriented so the long top board on the back is behind it.

That board needs to be at the top of your clock to make for easy hanging!



Once you have your numbers in place, take a card and press hard against the numbers, making sure to press on each part of the number, especially the corners and edges.





Then peel off the top white paper and wahla! Number is set! Do this for each number.




For any of the numbers that were on a slit, we took a razor blade and cut them at the seam. (see picture below)

We also spray painted the hinges that were on the back and put them on the front of the clock to add some Chic Farmhouse Charm.



Once that’s on, put a battery in the clock, place it over the middle piece you already screwed on, and tighten the screws on the top and bottom of the clock piece.





BAM – DONE!…. Well Almost!!



How to Hang This Heavy Son of a Gun


This is why I always include Neil on all my projects. He’s always coming up with great ideas of how to make things better and easier.

He didn’t disappoint on this project. He came up with such a simple way to hang this thing!

All we did was take a board and screwed it into studs on the wall where we wanted the clock.


Next you’ll take your clock and lay the top board, on the back of the clock, onto the board you just nailed to the wall.

Below is the picture again to help explain a little better.

So lay the board in this picture on top of the board that is screwed into the wall.

Once up you’ll screw both of these screws into the board on the wall.

(The screw on the far end of the board looks like it’s already screwed in, but it’s not.)



Now take two long screws and screw one into each hole of the top board, on the back of your clock, into the board on the wall.

Ahhhhhh…. It’s up!!!! Can you hear me squealing?!?! I love it!!




Easy DIY Large Farmhouse Clock

Easy DIY Large Farmhouse Clock


And then you can take the table legs and make a rockin chic console table!! (not sure those two words belong in the same sentence, but I’m keeping it!)


Check Out Our Console Table!


Easy DIY Large Farmhouse Clock

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