DIY Christmas Decor – Large Farmhouse Signs




Are you ready for a simple, BIG IMPACT project? This is it!!

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DIY Christmas Decor – Large Farmhouse Signs


  • Poster – download both signs for free in different sizes at the end of this post!
  • Foam Board – we get ours at Walmart or Hobby Lobby
  • Double sided tape
  • 1 – 1x2x8 furring strip board – from local hardware store – you might need 2 depending on how big of pictures you make.
  • Craft Paint
  • MINI Kreg Jig or Nails
  • Screws – if using Kreg Jig
  • Glue or Staples



Step One: Printing the Poster


The easiest, cheapest way to get BIG prints we’ve found is definitely through Staples Engineering Prints.

Image result for staples icon

It says that these are not suited for photos, but I’ve done photos before and they turned out just fine. So print to your liking.


Don’t have a Staples near you? No problem! They will ship it to you!


We ordered ours and it was ready for pickup the next day.


Having problems ordering? Leave a comment and we’ll gladly walk you through it!


Step Two: Stabilizing the Poster


In order for your picture to not look like a piece of paper just slapped to the back of a board, we attach it to a foam board. Which luckily are super cheap!


Again, you can get these at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or any craft store ranging from around $.88-$5 depending on the size.

22" x 28" Ghostline White Foam Board

The best way we’ve found to adhere the poster to the board is to put double sided tape on the the top and sides of the poster, but not the bottom.


Then start from the top of the poster and slowly roll the poster down the foam board. Once you have it just right, then tape the bottom down.



Once adhered, cut the excess foam around the poster off (if your foam board was bigger than your poster, our silent night picture was not). A razor blade or sharp knife work great for this.



Sorry we forgot to take a picture of it all cut out, (I was too excited to frame it!) but all edges of the foam board should now be gone, like this picture below.



Once your poster is ready it’s time to work on the frame!



Step Three: Cutting & Painting the Boards

Start by cutting your boards into 4 pieces. We used our miter saw, but these are simple cuts that anything you have that cuts wood will work.


To get your measurements add 1″ to the longest side of your poster and take away 1″ from the shorter side.


For Example: One of the posters we were framing was 36″x 24″ so we cut 2 boards at 37″and 2 boards at 23″


Then just paint whatever color you’d like!


For the Silent Night frame we painted the boards a light gray and then did a white wash over it by mixing white paint with a little bit of water.


For the Merry Little Christmas frame we painted it gray and then painted it brown and sanded it so a little of the gray would show through.


Step 4: Assembling the Frame


There’s a couple of ways you can put the frame together. You can nail it – which we’ve done before, or you can use a kreg jig and get a much stronger hold.


And I know what you’re thinking – Kreg Jig’s are expensive! And they are! Especially if you’re just doing little projects like this. But we discovered this MINI KREG JIG and it’s awesome!!


Infact, we actually own the regular $100 Kreg Jig, but we would never use it because it always just seemed like too much trouble. But then we came across this mini jig and it was so much less complicated that we totally bought it and it is SO MUCH SIMPLER to use and works AWESOME!


We HIGHLY recommend it over the bigger one! Especially if you’re just starting out and only have a project or 2 in mind. Although, that will probably change once you get it! 😉


Here’s the steps to follow for using the mini kreg jig. Please note these instructions are for wood pieces .75″ thick.


Place the kreg jig so it overhangs your piece of wood 1/4″

Make sure the distance from your ring to the start of the tip of the drill bit measures 3.25″

Clamp into place and drill away!

It’s so easy we’re actually letting our 2 year old drill the hole in this picture. Can never start too young right?


Now that you have your pocket holes screw that baby together! And NO you don’t need special pocket hole screws! That’s the biggest crock! Normal screws work great!!!



Step 5: Putting it all Together!


Now all you have to do is put the poster onto the back of the frame!


Honestly, glue would work for this, but we have this handy little staple gun we got at Harbor Freight for like $5 and it is awesome for small craft projects like this.


A staple in each corner and done!!


Time to make your own!! Here’s your downloads!


Silent Night 24″ x 36″

Silent Night 29.75″ x 20″

The 29.75″ x 20″ download is actually the size we made. We still ordered it as a 24 x 36 but then cut away the excess. We felt the 24″x 36″ was too big and the 18″ x 24″ was too small for the space we were trying to fill.

Finished Merry Little Christmas Sign – downloads below picture


Merry Little Christmas Down 8″ x 14” – Legal sized paper

Merry Little Christmas (No Background) Download 18″ x 24″

Merry Little Christmas with Background 18″ x 24″

The download with the background is the one we used. Just a little FYI, I was told when I picked it up that Staples is changing their policy and that if it has a background they’re going to start charging more. So the download with the background may cost more to print than the no background download.

And there you go! If you try this be sure to send or upload a picture! We LOVE to see your projects!

If you’re wanting something smaller check out our smaller Farmhouse Christmas Frames!

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