DIY Christmas Decor – DIY Ornaments with Story of Christ for each Ornament.


You are going to LOVE this tradition made by YOU!!


You can either put all the ornaments on the tree as you decorate, or you can do what we do and pick an ornament each night to put on the tree and read the story of Christ that goes along with it!


Plus! These are seriously the EASIEST ornaments!! I’ve already done all the hard work for you! How cool is that?!


DIY Ornaments


And yes they are made out of PAINT STICKS!! Which you can usually get for FREE!! And the graphics and stories of Christ are FREE and ready for you to download and print out!

I don’t think I can make this any easier!!

Here’s a better look at all the ornaments.



And I’m all about giving credit where credit is due. Making ornaments out of paint sticks was not my original idea. It was a fabulous idea I found a few years ago at Today’s Fabulous Finds.


However, these designs are all my own. Feel free to use them for your personal use!


Ok – Let’s get to it!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 – 5 Gallon Paint Sticks – You need the BIG paint sticks for this. I’ve offered to pay local hardware stores for 6 of these and they just look at me like I’m crazy and give them to me for free!
  • Printout of Ornaments – (see step 1) for FREE 😉 – You’re welcome!
  • Drill
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Old Credit Card
  • Wire, string, twine – whatever you want to hang them with.
  • Mod Podge – optional but HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Printout of Stories of Christ – Also for free below!!!

Let’s get started!


Step 1: Cut

Cut all your ornament graphics out on the INSIDE of the black line.

You can Download Ornament Graphics Here.

Once that’s done cut your paint sticks into 4″ pieces.

I’ve marked my paint stick below so you can get an idea of the measuring, but DO NOT mark it all at once like this!

Your blade will cut into your measurements so you need to measure each piece as you go.

Each stick makes 4 ornaments.


Step 2: Paint

Next paint your ornaments the color of your choice. I used regular craft paint.

I like the crispness of white, but it does make it harder to cover up the lines on the paint stick.

So whatever color you want to use is great!


Step 3: Glue

Now it’s time to glue your ornament graphics onto your boards. We use a spray adhesive for this.

For one, it’s super fast.

For two Mod Podge and I DO NOT get along. Am I the only one with this problem?

Everything I have EVER made with Mod Podge has bubbled!

No matter how many times I go over it to get the air bubbles out, a few days/weeks later it starts to bubble! Grrrrrrrr!!

So for me I go with the spray adhesive and get great results every time. I just bought this from Walmart, but any craft store will also have it.


Tips for Adhering:


1. The graphics will stay on best if nothing is overlapping the edges. Trim each graphic down to make sure it doesn’t go over the edges of the stick.


2. Cover your surroundings! You don’t want to spray everything around you! I used a big piece of cardboard to work on.


3. Don’t spray too close! Spray about 6-8″ away from the paper.



Place your ornament graphic face down on a sheet of paper that is ON TOP of your work area.

Every time you spray you’re going to get that paper sticky! You don’t want to lay your next ornament graphic down on a sticky surface, so change the paper out each time.

(Hint: You can use both sides of the paper before getting a new one.)

Take your sprayed ornament graphic and place it on one of your painted sticks. Take an old credit card and smooth it out several times.

I do this quite hard. So hard that it strips the edges a bit and gives it a rustic look.


Step 4: Drill

With a small drill bit drill two holes in each ornament.


Step 5: Adding Wire:

We used wire to hang my ornaments, but so many things would also look cute.

If you do go with wire make sure it’s at least 20 gauge.

Not for strength, but it will look a WHOLE lot better than trying to get away with wimpy wire. – Believe me. We tried!

I got mine at Walmart. This was enough to do all 24 ornaments.

Cut each wire to 8.5″ long.

To get my little spirals I used a glow stick to wrap the end of the wire around. – I did try  using a pencil, but it was too big.

The middle of a q-tip would work great for this too.

Pencils, glow sticks, q-tips…..Yup we’re pretty technical around here.

Do the same thing to the middle of the wire.

Stick the wire through the other end of the ornament and twist again.



Stickin Cute!

Optional Step 6: Mod Podge

You don’t have to do this step but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

Over time the edges of your ornament graphic will probably start to lift.

And although I don’t like Mod Podge much it is GREAT for sealing edges. So to seal all my edges I went over all the edges of the graphics with just normal Mod Podge.

– You can use just regular Elmer’s glue for this. Just note that it does leave more of a residue line when dry than does the mod podge.



Once dry you can’t even tell it’s there. I’ve had these for several years now and they still look great with no edges coming up!


DIY Ornaments


What’s Left?

DOWNLOAD THE 24 STORIES OF CHRIST and make this a tradition your family will enjoy for years to come!

I printed mine out & put them in a binder with cover sheets.




Here’s what’s included in your book:

Keeping Christ in Christmas

  • Jesus Heals the Sick – Ornament: Healer
  • Ye Are the Light of the World – Ornament: Light of the World
  • Jairus’ Daughter is Healed – Ornament: Be Not Afraid, Only Believe
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children – Ornament: Counsellor
  • Jesus Teaches How to Treat Others – Ornament: Prince of Peace
  • Fed the 5,000 – Ornament: Immanuel
  • Jesus Walking on Water – Ornament: Our Rock
  • Raising of Lazarus – Ornament: Wonderful
  • Come Unto Me – Ornament: Come Unto Me
  • The Man with the Evil Spirits – Ornament: Almighty One
  • Jesus at Age 12 – Ornament: Son of the Most High
  • Wedding and the Wine – Ornament: Mighty God
  • Healing The Leader’s Son – Ornament: Believe
  • Angry People in Nazareth – Ornament: Son of God
  • Fishers of Men – Ornament: Fishers of Men
  • The Waves of the Sea – Ornament: Lord of All
  • Woman at the Well – Ornament: Living Water 
  • The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep – Ornament: Shepherd
  • Jesus Heals the Blind – Ornament: Messiah
  • Garden of Gethsemane – Ornament: – Redeemer
  • Christ’s Crucifixion – Ornament: Savior
  • He is Risen – Ornament: He is Risen
  • Prophecies of Christ’s Birth – Ornament: Christ
  • Christ is Born – Ornament: King of Kings
  • The Living Christ

The magic of Christmas comes not from the presents, but from His presence.”

I also wanted something to hold all the ornaments so I made this rustic box. It is SO EASY to make and only cost a couple bucks to make. Seriously!!

And you don’t need any fancy equipment to get that graphic on there! Just a sharpie, iron and freezer paper!

I love it so much that there’s no way I can just use it to hold ornaments. Or maybe I’ll just have to make another one 😉

Check out the post! DIY Custom Rustic Tray

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