Gallery Wall Family Tree – DIY Home Decor

Gallery Wall Family Tree - DIY Home Decor


I’ve been trying to think of something big and unique to put on our long hallway wall.


Then I saw this vinyl tree on Amazon and immediately loved it!!



Ok except for the vinyl frames in it. No, No, just NO!!!! There is NO way putting a picture in those is EVER going to look good!!!


I was in love with the rustic frames I’ve seen all over Pinterest so we made those. We’ve included a link to the tutorial at the bottom of the post.


We also weren’t  a huge fan of the birds, so they had to go. And we didn’t love how unbalanced the tree was. That was about to change too!


One thing we know about vinyl is that it can be cut and placed differently than how it comes! You can totally design your own tree with this thing!!! SwEeEeT!!


(For your convenience -oh heck let’s be honest, ours too ;)- this post contains affiliate links. You can view our disclosure policy for details.)



Once your wall is clean and dry, start taping up your vinyl on your wall about where you think you’d like it. Do not apply the vinyl yet.


Here’s how we laid out our tree.

Let’s go into more detail in case you’re a little confused!


Middle Section & Top of Tree:

We didn’t change much to the middle section.

You’ll notice that we cut the saying that was underneath the word “Family” completely out and didn’t use it. We then used a different branch and added it the top of the tree, cut it, and placed “Family” at the top of our tree.

[Note: Vinyl is a little forgiving. If you place a piece and don’t like it, gently peel it up and place it where you want. It’s ok if you don’t get it perfect the first time!]


Right Section:

For this section we kept things basically the same except we took the last two branches that were supposed to be on the right side and saved them for the left side to balance the tree out.

We then left space where we wanted to insert our frames, and used a frame as a template to know how much space to leave between the branches.

[Note – DON’T hang your frames until your tree is exactly how you want it!]

We placed some leafs at the end of the last frames so it would still look like it was part of the branch.



Left Section:

We took the branches we saved from the right side and placed them on the left side, leaving room where we wanted our frames inserted.

We also placed some leafs at the end of these frames too.



To finish it off we cut small pieces off the tree in some areas and added them to other places. (Such as the very top.) Just play with it a bit until you get it looking just how you want it.



For the frames I was dying to make some of the DIY Board Frames that I’ve seen all over Pinterest. So we did! You can check out the tutorial we used HERE.


The pictures in her frames are all professional, which is really cute. We liked the idea of having pictures of all the places we’d been in the last year. It’s not quite as professional, but we love to reminisce on our adventures.


Here’s a few more pictures. It’s in our hall so getting a straight on picture of the entire thing was impossible!


Our completed tree measures 81 in. high x 106 in. wide. Or about 6.75 ft. high x 8.8 ft wide.


And of course our boys couldn’t stand the attention being on something else! We know…it’s a horribly blurry picture, but we wanted to leave you with a dose of our reality.




And there you go! We get so many compliments on our tree! We hope you do too!! Have questions? Ask away!

If you do this we’d LOVE to see it! Upload a picture! Did you do something different? Show us!!


Click here to check out the vinyl tree!


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