DIY Home Decor – Easy Drop Cloth Napkins

DIY Home Decor - DIY drop cloth napkins


After making 5 Pillows (Tutorial Here) and a table runner (Tutorial Here) I still had drop cloth material left over! So I decided to make some napkins to use for entertaining.


Need a drop cloth? I used a 6’x9′ that you can get at any hardware store for about $12 (just make sure the edges are hemmed and that it’s heavy duty) or Amazon has them HERE for the same price!

Although, after finishing them I love them so much that I’m having a hard time picturing people wiping their mouths on them! Ahhhhh!!! STOP!!! – Ok – pretty sure I’ll get over it….maybe.

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Wash & Iron:

To start, make sure you WASH & IRON your drop cloth! This is CRITICAL! It will shrink and make the canvas soft.

If you already did this because you’re making the pillows or runner – You are a SUPERSTAR!



My napkins were cut out at 15″ x 15″ giving me a finished napkin of 14″ x 14″


I didn’t keep the hem on any of these. Although you definitely could. I wanted to make sure that all my napkins were the same size and honestly my head just wasn’t up for the math!!!


NOTE: If you make all 3 projects with this drop cloth, please note that depending on how big your pillows and table runner were will determine how many napkins you are able to get out of it.


Cut out your first napkin and use it as a template to cut out your others.


I learned how to make a tiny hem napkin from this POST by OneGoodThingByJillee. Thank you Jillee!!


Once your material is all cut,  run a 1/4″ seam down the side of one edge. – You’re technically not sewing anything on this step. Just making a line.


I find it faster to work on two edges at the same time so do the same thing on the OPPOSITE side of your napkin.


Once you have your seam line fold the edge over so the seam can be seen on the back side and iron it down.


Again, do the same thing to the opposite side.

Then sew along the seam line from before.


Next, cut the excess material off getting as close as you can to the seam. Do this to both sides.



Fold over again so the seam line cannot be seen on the front, but can on the back. Sew over your seam line.

The front of your napkin should have 1 simple seam line.

The back should appear to have 1 seam line although it will be a double seam.

Repeat for the other two sides and you are done!


Now to make them super cute!

I found the cutest way to fold a napkin from Rustic Wedding Chic.  I took pictures to show you how too.

 Lay napkin right side up.

Now add some twine, flowers (mine are from the Dollar Store), or whatever else your heart may desire!

DIY Home Decor - Easy Drop Cloth Napkins

Enjoy your napkins! Thanks for visiting!!

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