DIY Home Decor – DIY Custom Rustic Tray


I’m so in love with these rustic trays! The best part is how simple they are to make!!!


So let’s get to it!



  • 1- 1x3x8 furring strip board. Mine cost me $1.36 at my local hardware store. These boards are cheap! – Just make sure it’s straight.
  • Saw
  • White, Gray, & Brown Craft Paint
  • Freezer Paper – I use this for SO MANY crafts. It costs about $5-$7 at your local grocery store, but will last you forever!!
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Nail gun or hammer
  • Finishing nails
  • Graphic of choice – I also have three you can choose from below.


Finished box measures:  14″ x about 7.5″ for the outer dimensions and the inner dimensions are about 12.5″ x 6″


You could always make it bigger! You’ll just need another board.



Step One – Cutting:

I learned the basics of how to make this awesome tray at Industry Standard Design. They have tons of DIY projects!!

For this tray cut 5 – 14″ long boards.

Your two smaller boards will be about  6″ –  I actually recommend measuring the exact size you’ll need and then cut the two smaller boards.

– See Step 5 below to see how to assemble the box if you need help with this measurement.

[If you’re wanting to make the ornament box from our ornament post I recommend making your long boards 19″ long instead of 14″ and only cutting 4 long boards instead of 5. The ornaments will fit best this way.


Step Two – Painting:


Start by roughly painting the boards with brown and gray craft paint. Don’t spend too much time on this, it should go pretty quick and look pretty messy.


Next go over the boards with white craft paint.




Step Three – Transferring Your Image:

The image transfer is what takes your tray from ok…. to LOVE IT!  Luckily it’s super easy!

Start by printing out the graphic you want.

We have three you can choose to download that are sized perfectly for your 14″long  board.

You can download the Grande Maison Graphic shown below HERE

We got this graphic from the The Graphics Fairy. She has so many cool FREE vintage graphics!! Thank you graphic fairy!!


DIY Custom Rustic Tray


[Be sure to check out our post on how to make the DIY ORNAMENTS shown in the tray above.]

You can download the Vintage Shop Graphic shown on the tray below HERE

We actually got this graphic from Canva and changed the wording a little bit.

Canva is a FREE site where you can design cards, tags, pins, or whatever graphic design you’re needing.

It’s pretty awesome!!


The last graphic we have for you is this Farmers Market Graphic.

Again, we just used Canva to design it.

Ok, once you’ve decided it’s time to print it out!

Print out your design MIRRORED! (All my downloads are already mirrored for you)

Then take some freezer paper and place it – with the shiny side UP –  over your mirrored graphic. Tape it in place.

Take a sharpie marker and trace the image onto your freezer paper.

Don’t worry about keeping it wet. It will transfer with dry ink.

Place the graphic – with the shiny side DOWN – where you want it on your board. Iron it on using mainly the tip of the iron.

You’ll notice the freezer paper will stick to the wood as it is heated.

Slowly pull up the freezer paper and if it didn’t transfer as well as you’d like go over it again with the iron.


Once transferred, mine was a little too bright for me so I sanded it to give it the ultimate rustic look and blend better with the wood.



Step Four – Building the Box:

Start by nailing two of your 14″ long boards to your 2 smaller boards to create the top of the box.


Next nail the remaining 3 boards to the bottom. We do recommend finishing nails for this project. Whether you use a hammer or a nail gun.



Flip over and ta-dah! You have a super cute rustic box!



LOVE IT!!! Ok –  I may be slightly obsessed with these.

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