DIY Home Decor – Easy DIY Farmhouse Frames! With Free Printables!


These are seriously the easiest, cheapest, DIY farmhouse frames ever!



And I know most of you are like me and hate the chit chat before the tutorial, so let’s skip it and get straight to the point!


Here’s what you need. Most of this stuff you’ll probably already have.




  • 1x2x8 wood board. (I used a furring strip from Home Depot-just make sure it’s straight!) You can actually make several frames from this board depending on the size of frames you make.
  • Stain or paint -I just used what I had on hand.
  • 4 -1″ nails – I raided my husband’s tool box. (They don’t have to be 1″ as long as they are long enough to join the 2 boards.) I liked the character the roofing nails added to the frame with the big head on top.
  • The signs – downloads are below
  • Transparent tape – the more transparent the better.


Step 1: Cutting the Boards


Start by cutting your boards.  I made 3 different sized frames so depending on which frame you want, here are the cut sizes:



Smallest frame- picture opening of 8″x 3″ – perfect for front porch or table top.

You’ll need: 2- 11″ boards &  2-3″ boards.



Medium frame – picture opening 8″x 10″

You’ll need: 2- 11″ boards &  2- 10″ boards.



Large frame – opening 8 X 14 (prints out on legal sized paper)

You’ll need: 2- 11″ boards &  2- 14″ boards



The images I’m using show how to build the smallest frame, but directions are the same for each frame.


This is what your four cuts should look like.



Step 2: Stain or Paint the Boards


Next stain or paint your pieces. You will need to stain all sides (front, back, sides, and edges).


Like so.

Step 3: Assemble!


Now you’re ready to assemble!

Start by taking one of your width boards and nailing a nail into the corner.

Notice the orientation of the board. (Don’t get too close to the edge or you’ll risk splitting the wood)





Nail that in a bit – but don’t go all the way through the wood. (this will make it easier to nail the 2 boards together)

Next stand up one of your length boards underneath. Make sure your edges on the front are even, and nail together.

Repeat this process with the other 2 boards. So you should end up with 2 pieces that look like this.





Next nail those 2 pieces together and you’re done with the frame part!



Print & Tape:


Now you just need to print out your printable and attach to the frame! I do recommend printing on card stock or at least doubling up the paper.

I originally made the frames by putting clips on the back to hold the pictures on, but I’ve since discovered that plain old tape works best!

Back of frame

The tape makes it snug against the frame & you can barely tell it’s even there.

Here are the download links – I made 2 sizes available for the bigger prints.

Family Chaos 8×14 (legal sized paper)

FamilyChaos 8×10

JustBelieve 8×10

JustBelieve 8×14 (legal sized paper)

Welcome Back 8×3

If you’re going to have your sign outside you may want to protect it.

I used a laminating sheet on my “Welcome Back” sign, since it’s on my porch, but not the others.

I love them! It’s the perfect way to add a little farmhouse charm to your home!

Want even bigger frames? Check out our Huge Farmhouse Frames Tutorial!!

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